Meet the Women of WSW

What is your favorite flower?


Katie: Pink Roses


What is your favorite event venue?

Sam: The Bridgeport Art Center. We did a wedding here last summer and everything from the staff to the location was just perfect.

Katie: The Bridgeport Art Center. This location can be decorated to incorporate a vintage/rustic feel or totally flipped to cater to the glitzy-glam couple. Not to mention, the massive elevator where guests can get a cocktail on their ride up.


What is your favorite fruit flavor?

Sam: Strawberry Banana

Katie: Coconut or Lime


Which sitcom character do you relate to?

Sam: Monica Geller from Friends

Katie: I am more a reality TV kind of gal- I relate to Heather Dubrow from the Real Housewives in that we love sipping on our Champs and attending social gatherings.


If you knew that this was your last day on earth, how would you spend it?

Sam: I would spend it in a tropical place doing something adventurous!

Katie: Relaxing on the beach with a pina colada in my hand.


Who is your favorite designer?

Sam: Oh this is tough.. I love Michael Kors but I love me some Steve Madden!

Katie: Michael Kors, I adore everything of his from his winter jackets to his purse collection.


What are your 2 favorite passed Hors D’oeuvres?

SamDeviled Eggs and anything with meat.

Katie: Bacon wrapped dates and shrimp.


What do you consider to be your “signature drink”?

Sam: A glass of Merlot.

Katie: Vodka water with a splash of cranberry & a lime on the side.


What is the one thing you wish you could do if given the chance?

SamTravel the World.

Katie: Wine tasting in Italy.


Got a phobia you want to share?

Sam: Fire, since I wear too much hair spray

Katie: Mysophobia- the fear of germs. I get it from my mom.


What is the weirdest thing you've ever done?

Sam: I do a lot of weird things, so it is hard to pick just one!

Katie: I eat a lot of weird things. I like combining random food items like turkey and jelly, or popcorn and M&Ms. 


What is your favorite season?

Sam: FALL!

Katie: Summer.


How long can you hold your breath?

SamI just timed myself... 25 seconds.

Katie: Not long enough. I always lost in underwater pool games against my brother growing up.


Have you ever tried bungee jumping or paragliding?

SamNope, but i would love to do both!

Katie: I have gone parasailing but bungee jumping is definitely on my Bucket List!


What is your definition of an incredible weekend?

Sam:  Spending time with my friends and family.

Katie: Brunching downtown followed by a day of shopping on Michigan Ave., grabbing some sushi for dinner and ending the night at a Cubs game with a W!


What are the five things you cannot do without?

Sam: Hair spray, teasing comb, red wine, chocolate and peach green tea.

Katie: Mascara, peanut butter, the gym, wine, my mom!


What is your favorite day of the week?

Sam: Saturday.

Katie: Friday- Happy Hour says it all.


What is your favorite breakfast meal?

Sam: Banana Pancakes.

Katie: A Yogurt Parfait.


What is your favorite color?

Sam: Black and Gold

Katie: Pink


What is your favorite part about your job?

Sam: Being able to help bring someone's vision to life.

Katie: I love learning about a couple's vision and making their dreams a reality. This is the biggest day in most people's lives so being a part of something so important to them is really special.