The DOs and DON'Ts of Wedding Dress Selection

When it comes to selecting a gown for the biggest day of your life, it can be stressful and very hard to make a decision. With mom wanting you to wear something conservative or traditional and your bridesmaids encouraging you to go for what's trendy, it can become exhausting and stressful for you. Since this is a crucial part of the wedding planning process, we have broken down the DO's and DON'Ts to consider when you are shopping for your dress in hopes of finding the perfect one (all while having a little fun)!


  • Bring your closest gals (mom, grandma, aunt, maid of honor, sister) for a second opinion.
  • Be open to all styles and lengths within your budget.
  • Wear proper undergarments and have your hair and make-up done similar to how you wan it on the big day.
  • Add accessories!
  • Ask your consultant a lot of questions- Can this be altered? Can we add/remove certain beading? Are there any less expensive options in this style?
  • Pop the bubbly! Dress shopping should be fun and well celebrated.


  • Go shopping with tunnel vision.
  • Bring too many people. The more opinions you have, the longer and harder this will be.
  • Forget about your budget- there is surely a fabulous dress that does fit within your budget!
  • Settle. Your dream gown is out there, it may just take time to find it.
  • Hold back your opinion. Be honest!
  • Buy a dress just because it's trendy. Let's be real- what your parents wore to their wedding is probably not on your vision board for your wedding.