There Is Always Room For Dessert...

It is no secret that the ladies of Willow Street have a sweet tooth. :) We sure love to have our cake, and eat it too. Over the years, we have seen some beautiful wedding cakes as well as some new and creative ways to display a variety of desserts at some of our most recent events. 

You cannot go wrong with the traditional, 3-tier wedding cake. Typically a chocolate or vanilla cake with chocolate ganache and butter cream frosting will please a majority of your guests. Not only is a traditional cake a safe bet when catering to your guests, it also looks tasteful in pictures for years to come.

Over the last few years, couples have been itching to stand out and leave a lasting impression on their guests- that being done so with dessert. One of our very own clients will be having an entire cake table at their reception this summer consisting of 10-12 cakes, most of which are going to be baked by family members. We love this idea as it allows your guests to choose what they want to cure that sweet tooth and at the same time brings a sentimental vibe to the evening as family is incorporated. We are so excited to see this come together this summer!

One trend forcasted for 2017 is the delight-some candy bar. Setting up some canisters filled with the couples favorite sweets allows your guests to enjoy some candy (and even take some home for the road if you turn this into a party favor). From M&Ms to rock candy sticks to gummy bears, a candy bar can be created for the biggest and even smallest events. Whether you want to stick to just the candy, or expand the table and incorporate cake pops, donuts and cookies, the women at Willow Street Weddings can put together the candy bar of your dreams!