Including Your Fur Babies Into Your Special Day

In today's day and age, our pets are basically like children to us. We want to include them in everything we do from walking to Starbucks to a family vacation to California. Many couples are even looking to include their pets in their wedding ceremonies because they have such a special bond.

We love the idea of having pets act as the ring bearer or flower girls, especially if the couple does not have any youngins in mind to carry out these duties. While it may come as a surprise, many churches and venues are open to allowing fully trained dogs in to walk down the aisle upon the couples' request.

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While we are big fans of this idea, a few things to keep in mind before deciding on including your pet in your ceremony/reception:

  • Pictures: is your fur baby capable of sitting still for the paparazzi?
  • Bathroom Breaks: be sure no one is crossing their legs before the processional begins. ;)
  • Lunch/Dinner: along with your guests, your pet will surely develop an appetite throughout. Be sure you have food and treats packed.

We wanted to leave you with one final thought on collaborating dogs and weddings, check out this tear jerker of a video: