Top Summer Wedding MUST HAVES

Ah, summer is finally here! :) With that, summer wedding season has officially kicked off and we are loving all of the trends and new ideas we have seen so far. We have put together a little list of some things that are necessary (or just a little extra) to make your summer wedding the best of the best!

  • Lawn games
  • Fruit infused water- not only does it look pretty, its offers guests something to keep them hydrated.
  • Sun screen & bug spray
  • Sunglasses- turn these into party favors?!
  • Twinkle lights
  • Programs that double as fans- there is no better way to provide an agenda for your guests than on a fold-able fan to keep them cool during the ceremony. One of our client's this summer is utilizing this and we CANNOT wait to show you how cute they turn out.
  • Bright, floral centerpieces
  • Boozy popsicles at the dessert table
  • A basket of flip flops- walking around in heels is tough and even tougher when your ceremony or reception is outdoors. Spare these chicks and provide them with some inexpensive Old Navy flip flops!
  • Colorful candy buffet

Hope you are all having a LOVELY summer! XO

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